(Low-Mid Budget)

photo by Paul Mila
Vivacious RAYE makes a deal with the devil when gorgeous billionaire, LARS, with MIKE, a sexy pirate she hates, leads her search for a sacred wreck she must protect from these powerful men she desires.

On Lars' yacht with a Greek family crew, they find erotic rivalry, thrilling discovery, superstition, storm, fire, betrayal and disaster at sea before the surviving two sail for the sunset.

With lost treasure, sea adventure and intense romance combined in one small yacht, THE SECRET SHIP's entertainment "bang for the buck" (revenue ratio) could be phenomenal.

+ Thriller with euphoric uplift.
+ Characters sexy & smart.
+ The fight is for civilization.
+ Undersea = INT dive capsule:- actors need not dive

Sample SCENE below~~~

COVERAGE: (What they say about The Secret Ship)

"I love it, I love it, I love it!"
David Gallo, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
(Consultant to James Cameron)

"Good characters, good story, good suspense. I really enjoyed Secret Ship. "
Adam Leipzig, President
National Geographic Feature Films

"Read Secret Ship all in one go; what a wonderful, finely crafted script! I love how Raye resolves her genius by explaining that she is simply a two year old. It's perfect."
Victoria Kaharl, WATER BABY
(about ALVIN -
Submersible that found Titanic)

"Secret Ship was sooo wonderful. It is so full of everything. It is a glorious and beautifully written story!"
Danielle Gaydos, Development,
Moving Pictures



Mike crosses darkened room, flings himself on his bunk face up, fighting the excitement and turmoil of what he said on deck.

Knock on his door. He's motionless, hoping. Then he crosses; opens it.

Raye stands there, flushed, her eyes bright-


Course not. Here...

He flips on a small lamp.

I thought...maybe we could...

Come in.

Raye enters, glancing nervously around. There are many books, gorgeous underwater photos, snapshots of Mike diving, and with treasures he's brought up.

I know I haven't been...

You've been terrific. Sit.

Mike watches her settle onto his bunk, wanting her. Raye looks up at him; the current between them is so strong neither can speak.

What can I do for you?

You said something about

Mike laughs, pulls up his chair to sit near her.

They have a way of changing.

I know, and I thought maybe...

Is it life and death?

Mike takes Raye's hand, as though to comfort her. It's like a shock through them both.

If it is, you'll handle it.

Faint praise, but I'll take it.

Pause. Looking at him, Raye can't say what she planned to.

Haven't had a chance to
show you my scrapbooks.

He laughs at how stupid he sounds, but both know it doesn't matter.

The translucent mermaids of
Madagascar, the dragons off
Bimini... Actually, I don't
have any. Scrapbooks.

She's gazing at him, trying to find words. His hand touches a strand of her hair, her eye follows his hand, and in a rush-

Don't go down, Mike.

He smiles slightly, not really hearing-


Tell Lars you can't do it.

Mike hears, then knows why she came, and his gaze freezes.

Ah. And my reward?


You played fair up till now.
So you must have brought
my reward.

He's getting heated, lurches to his feet.

Mike, I don't...

"Please." She finally says please.
Get back on earth, lady. This is the
real world. There's treasure down
there. Somebody lost it. Somebody's
here to find it. That's a primal principle.
That's who humans are. Now you know.

And the scene escalates...

“...fine Elizabethan juggle of intrigue, betrayal, passion... seethes sexuality... riveting.”
“One of the most powerful antiwar plays ever penned.”
--Plays International, London
"TOP GUN for women!" - at Edinburgh Festival
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Gold Prize winner, Hollywood Screenplay Contest; "Dazzling" New York Screenplay Contest. U.S. Marine abduction.
Caught 'tween 2 wars. Ben Franklin’s last night where he longed to stay – the salon of Madame Helvetius - conjures war with his bastard son.
Lost treasure, sea adventure, intense love triangle. "I love it!" Consultant to James Cameron.
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