Artwork by Salvatore Tagliarino


Action/​Adventure true story
(based on Deborah Sampson)
- Coming of age -

America's 1st heroine outfoxes all the guys
...until they thank her.

Fiercely vowing to fight for her country's freedom, Deb breaks the law passing as a man, and joins the Continental Army. She proves a crack shot, finds buddies in a little squad, but has to fight off an eager female "follower" who hits on the pretty “boy” she seems to be.

Deb’s capers are wild and brave, but when she’s shot in a midnight raid, she begs to be left to die so as not to be found female by the maverick long rifleman she’s bonded with and fallen for.

In secret, nursing her own thigh wound, Deb survives, then leads a daring attack, and winds up a decorated and promoted hero.

Only when she falls, near death from fever, does a shocked physician uncover her breasts, and find that this young hero is a woman…at war with her heart.

Coming of age - Low budget guerrilla action.

A finalist at Sundance
DEBORAH: The Adventures of a Soldier

“...fine Elizabethan juggle of intrigue, betrayal, passion... seethes sexuality... riveting.”
“One of the most powerful antiwar plays ever penned.”
--Plays International, London
"TOP GUN for women!" - at Edinburgh Festival
A Solo Play in which the world's 2nd most produced playwright finds you in his study & confides in you.
Gold Prize winner, Hollywood Screenplay Contest; "Dazzling" New York Screenplay Contest. U.S. Marine abduction.
Caught 'tween 2 wars. Ben Franklin’s last night where he longed to stay – the salon of Madame Helvetius - conjures war with his bastard son.
Lost treasure, sea adventure, intense love triangle. "I love it!" Consultant to James Cameron.
"delicious... delightfully grand." TIME OUT Outer Critics Circle, VOICE CHOICE
Dramedy. Televangelist's wife teams with hooker to sell sperm. Bill Boyle Coverage: "very talented writer... exceptional"
America's first heroine outfoxes all the guys until they thank her. A finalist at Sundance.
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"haiku-like clarity…hypnotically beautiful, emotionally dizzying." —Chicago Sun-Times
“Unforgettable... You wish it would stop, but know you’d feel robbed if it did.” NEW YORK TIMES E-book available Free
"primal emotions... dazzling... beautifully distilled script" Chicago Sun-Times