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Windsor University, director Liza Balkan, photo by David Court

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Windsor U, director Liza Balkan, photo by David Court

Andrew Iles photo by David Court


"Tragicomic, pure, and delicious...absurdly charming...delightfully grand" TimeOut

This breathlessly romantic true story begins backstage on the disastrous opening night of THE SEAGULL...

A country doctor enchanting to women - whose passion for theatre was both life and death to him - The luminous actress for whom he wrote and their impossible love - A company of amateurs inspired to challenge and change the possible, forever.

CRITICS say---

"...the remarkable To Moscow...emerges as an important work ... (Sunde) juxtaposes humor and suspense and grief and elation, leaving us not the tiniest fraction of a moment to stop feeling intensely..." PLAYS INTERNATIONAL

"tragicomic, pure, and delicious...absurdly charming...delightfully grand" TimeOut

"intriguing...all quickly, skillfully drawn and effectively portrayed...becomes thrilling" BACKSTAGE

"The performances vibrate with the energy and sense of ensemble that brings people to the theatre" Off-Off Broadway Review

"Sunde makes us love her characters the way the Moscow Theatre actors grew to love the 'ridiculous' Ranevskia of The Cherry Orchard. ...To Moscow is a wonderful, moving, memorable play." New York Trends

OUTER CRITICS CIRCLE -- "Recommended" list

" 'A Warm, Humane Play' ...passionate...extremely strong characterization and dramatic web...Chekhov's life in the theatre, blended with love..." MILLIYET ARTS AND LITERATURE MAGAZINE (Ankara, Turkey)
An exerpt appears in Scenes & Monologs from the Best New Plays.

In To Moscow we meet: bewitching Lika, whom he will not take and cannot let go; his valiant sister Masha, who gives up her happiness; Chekhov's stormy partnership with irrepressible Stanislavski; his star-crossed marriage to Olga Knipper; the final clash over his Cherry Orchard... This ensemble, using the magic of theatre "makes" the story unfold, giving birth to the Moscow Art Theatre.

Reading March 28, 2016 NYC


SEE ALSO... CHEKHOVS AT HOME -- Anthology containing three plays:
Please God No Wedding or Shooting at the End, Anton Himself, Masha Too

Playwright's note: As soon as To Moscow was out there, people began asking me for more plays about Chekhov, so before I was done three more "Chekhov" plays had been commissioned - by Actors' Theatre of Louisville, by People's Light and Theatre Company, Malvern, PA, and by Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, New York.

Anton at right, Masha at left with Family Chekhov

“...fine Elizabethan juggle of intrigue, betrayal, passion... seethes sexuality... riveting.”
“One of the most powerful antiwar plays ever penned.”
--Plays International, London
"TOP GUN for women!" - at Edinburgh Festival
A Solo Play in which the world's 2nd most produced playwright finds you in his study & confides in you.
Gold Prize winner, Hollywood Screenplay Contest; "Dazzling" New York Screenplay Contest. U.S. Marine abduction.
Caught 'tween 2 wars. Ben Franklin’s last night where he longed to stay – the salon of Madame Helvetius - conjures war with his bastard son.
Lost treasure, sea adventure, intense love triangle. "I love it!" Consultant to James Cameron.
"delicious... delightfully grand." TIME OUT Outer Critics Circle, VOICE CHOICE
Dramedy. Televangelist's wife teams with hooker to sell sperm. Bill Boyle Coverage: "very talented writer... exceptional"
America's first heroine outfoxes all the guys until they thank her. A finalist at Sundance.
Plays and trilogy collections. Many FREE downloads:
Washington ignites Continental Army.
3 plays: Achilles, Kabuki Macbeth, Kabuki King Richard
Haiti: A Dream (WNYC, NPR) , The Sound of Sand, How His Bride Came to Abraham
Stand-up comic meets Joan of Arc - 'banned in Philadelphia"
Three plays:Please God No Wedding Or Shooting At The End!, Anton Himself, Masha, Too
Three plays :Tracking Blood White, Native Land, Sweet Land of Fire.
three plays ripped from headlines
"haiku-like clarity…hypnotically beautiful, emotionally dizzying." —Chicago Sun-Times
“Unforgettable... You wish it would stop, but know you’d feel robbed if it did.” NEW YORK TIMES E-book available Free
"primal emotions... dazzling... beautifully distilled script" Chicago Sun-Times