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Karen as a Screenwriter

CRITIQUES, or:   What they say...


“Karen is a dream to work with through the writing process and I would do it again in a heartbeat! She meticulously hangs on every comment made by cohorts during revision periods, and thinks about what was said as well as that which was left unsaid. Karen is able to maintain a nearly zen-like patience, enthusiasm, and energy through a sometimes difficult process and has no shortage of valuable ideas to work with. She is not only a writer, but a craftperson, and has my complete confidence.”

Michael Ellenbogen
Film Analyst (Focus Features)
(developing Sunde’s DREAM HOUSE)

“Karen is a wonderful writer. I've developed material with her, and found that she's inventive, brings great ideas to the table and is a terrific collaborator. You've read her work, so you know she writes excellent characters and dialogue. Plus, she's an all-round good person.”

Adam Leipzig, Founder, Cultural Weekly
Co-President, National Geographic Feature Films
President, Terra Bella Entertainment
Sr Producer, Touchstone / Interscope
(originated & story by, Sunde’s PARALLEL LOVES)

“Did it grab me? No! It swept me off my feet! I'm greatly and deeply affected by your story and madly in love with it! It's wonderful, it's warm, it's humane. It is everything I'm for. I would be honored and very excited to make a film that is worthy of the touch you gave this story.
--- I am an Australian/Hungarian film director. I know Karen's writing work and I think she is a very sensitive and capable artist. Her talents shine in well-rounded characterization, drama and wit. She has a keen sense of depicting the human path, especially the female plight. I have no reservation in recommending her.”

Zoltan Fecso
Global Tribe Moving Images Pty Ltd
(plans:- Sunde’s WHEN REAL LIFE BEGINS)

“I am very impressed and can't get over the way you manage to take hold of difficult moral and political issues and not only make them understandable but dramatic and personal. Your characters are living, breathing people whom I care about; not symbols or two-dimensional characters representing "ideas." It's just excellent writing, dialogue and storytelling.”


Chiz Schultz, Producer (A SOLDIER'S STORY
 Best Picture nomination Academy Awards)
CBS Playhouse, PBS Program Dir

“Your SECRET SHIP was sooo wonderful. - It is so full of everything. ,,,you could not have sent me better reading. It really is a glorious and beautifully written story! I would love to read more.”
Danielle Gaydos, Development
Moving Pictures

“I love it, I love it, I love it!”
David Gallo
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
(Consultant to James Cameron)

“Read SECRET SHIP all in one go; what a wonderful, finely crafted script! Your characters are so well defined. I love how Raye resolves her genius by explaining that she is simply a two year old. It's perfect.”

Victoria Kaharl, author WATER BABY
(about Alvin – submersible that found Titanic)

UNDERCOVER PATRIOT    Finalist, Sundance –
“I thoroughly enjoyed UNDERCOVER PATRIOT. It’s a strong story – delightfully told.”

Danny Wilson, Producer – 18 Emmys
Daniel Wilson Productions
(THE HANDMAID'S TALE, The Heritage series)

“Karen Sunde writes vividly for both the stage and screen. Her UNDERCOVER PATRIOT is a compelling and timely screenplay.”

Alice Elliott, Documentary Filmmaker
2003 Academy Award, Short Documentary
CHICKS GOTTA SWIM  (buddy dramedy) -
"Thank you for CHICKS GOTTA SWIM! I think you've created two amazing leading characters and a bunch of wonderful secondary characters. I really fell in love with and couldn't wait to see what would happen to both Sky and Lyn. … You managed to pull off a comedy with very strong emotional scenes and a lot of important things to say about women and men. You managed to blast away at stereotypes and prejudices with grace and humor."
Chiz Schultz, Producer A SOLDIER'S STORY,
Best Picture nomination, Academy Awards;
Paul Robeson, PBS, Best documentary,
International Documentary Award

"...I found myself fully immersed in each of these characters, felt that I knew who they were and as importantly cared about them. ...I think that all of the characters are very well defined. You offer for each a descriptive that is succinct as well as revealing. You expose to us their inner engines …This is the work of a very talented writer. …Dialogue…is where the writer shines. The rhythm and pulse of each character’s dialogue is exceptional."
OF THE SCREENPLAY), Consultant, Analyst,
UCLA faculty, Screenwriter, Lecturer. Seminars.

"Just read your script. What a romp it is. Breathless pace."

Buzz Mclaughlin, Producer,

"Brilliant! Bravo, Karen!! Wonderful! And great ending."

Tish Dace, New York Critic & Author (SKIPPING
OVER QUICKSAND: Martin Sherman),
leader of American Theatre Critics Association
“I like your style. Your writing is very clear and as a director I love that kind of direct, exact description of action. And the dialogue is natural. Good, good.”
“...how much I enjoyed the write up you did for us to present our film projects to producers...you were able to convey what we had in mind after only short briefings ...reaction was very positive. Congratulations on THE FASTEST WOMAN ALIVE - a “smash.”
Gustavo Nieto Roa
Producer, Director
Centauro Comunications
(project Sunde - THE SIZZLING BEACH)

“I was fascinated by the way you transformed the topical subject matter into a search for the verities we all face but rarely understand. The language throughout the three was powerful, eloquent, arresting. Nothing bland here, no slack time at all. Needless to say, all three had to be compelling, because I read them all in one day. Characters like Sabra, Nora, and Sami will remain with me permanently. And ah, Hogan, poor Hogan, I have known Americans like him from my service days and would like to forget them but can't. Thanks so much, for letting me enter those unforgettable worlds!”

Malcolm Bosse (THE WARLORD)