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Nation in crisis

"I stand before you, no more than a girl.

... And you will follow me.
Each knowing I was nothing, as all,

however mighty, are as nothing.
But one as small as me who with an open heart

sees evil and cries "No. This must not be!"

can make it so.
For all God needs to battle evil
is one who loves enough to feel his power
and stand up unafraid.
"To know God's earthly sign to you,

each place your hand upon your chest with me.
Feel your heart pound against your honest palm?
Now look to the man beside you.

His is beating too.  And so is mine.
And all belong to that same leap of joy

– the quick'ning babe inside the mother's beat.
And so we all can join!  And when we do,

we will together beat as God's own heart.
And against this force...no siege can ever stand!!"

--from Act I, Me & Joan, ks
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