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I wanted a life in art; acting led to writing, and I learned that art can only be born in the air between. As actor I must ignite, by my life onstage, a current for the audience's imagination to be lit by the writer's. As writer my words are only the first step to the air vibrating with life surging between actors and audience.

Audience is an organism composed of all who gather. In the beginning they share humanity, but what they become, as the current flows among them and from them, is community. That's why I want my writing to speak to any person - whatever race, age, sex, religion, culture - who happens to come.

Theatre's power and purpose is to create, from any group that gathers, a community celebrating itself. It tells us who we are, and that we are TOGETHER. When it works, it's magic. And holy.

(for Contemporary Authors, April 1998 - Karen Sunde)
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